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Shenzhen Jieyin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.



About US


Shenzhen Jieyin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive intellectual property service agency approved by the government department and filed with the National Trademark Office. It is committed to trademark patent registration, intellectual property rights infringement and management monitoring in more than 200 countries around the world.


Its business scope includes: domestic and foreign trademark search, registration, transfer, change, renewal, patent application, search, transfer, invalidation declaration, infringement litigation, copyright registration, Amazon brand filing, customs filing, corporate intellectual property legal counsel, intellectual property Infringement litigation, company registration in the United States, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, UK vat declaration, etc.


Work closely with Amazon, wish, ebay, Alibaba, and many other platform companies to provide customers with professional intellectual property and related legal consulting services;


Our international intellectual property protection, US trademark registration, EU trademark registration, international trademark registration, EU patent application, US patent application, international patent application, international VAT declaration, software copyright registration and other services enjoy a high reputation internationally.

Business Coverage

Long-term focus on overseas international intellectual property protection, providing customers with integrated overseas intellectual property services such as international trademark patent applications, intellectual property management and monitoring, and infringement litigation rights protection.

Professional Team

There are a group of highly qualified intellectual property and legal professionals with rich experience, high professional level and strong comprehensive ability, all graduated from the law and science majors of well-known universities at home and abroad.

Cooperation Agency

Cooperate with more than 200 countries or regions in the world and maintain close cooperation with Alibaba, Amazon, wish, eBay and other platforms.

Case Show
China Appearance Patent Certificate
China Appearance Patent Certificate
Work Copyright Certificate
Work Copyright Certificate
Russian Trademark Certificate
Russian Trademark Certificate
Japanese Patent Certificate
Japanese Patent Certificate
US Trademark Certificate
US Trademark Certificate
Australian Trademark Certificate
Australian Trademark Certificate

Corporate Services
















Cooperation Partner

Shenzhen Jieyin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. has professional platform intellectual property consultants to provide one-to-one service with you. We have international intellectual property protection and protection, US trademark registration, EU trademark registration, international trademark registration, international patent application, US Patent application and EU patent application and other related services provide you with perfect suggestions and processes; our team implements process tracking throughout the process. If there are problems related to key nodes and registration processes, we will notify you in time to get the progress of processing , Guarantee quality, improve progress, work with you for mutual benefit and win-win, create brilliant.


TEL: 15112406503 / 0755-23070824       /                             

Public Security Number 44030602002873

Address: 315, Dingsheng Building, Yintian Industrial Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong                  

Guangdong ICP No. 18043032                    

@copyright 2018 Shenzhen Jieyin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.   


Branch Address: Room 2717, Building 6, Huaguoyuan Central Business District, Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province                              

TEL:18984579353 / 0851-85964048                   


Service Center
15112406503 / 0755-23070824
Working Hours
24 hours for you